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Application of endoscope in military and anti-terrorism

2015-07-14 4:09:07 Clicks: 8630 Source: Ancient Antai industrial endoscope

In recent years, with the strengthening of the fight against terrorism, endoscopy has been widely applied in public security enforcement and SWAT counterterrorism. Endoscopy products are often used to detect and handle bombs. In the field of anti drug, anti illegal immigration and Customs Smuggling, endoscopes are often used to eliminate the threat of terrorism to the government, organizations and individuals.

The endoscope enables the special police officers to reduce personal safety risk without causing damage to suspicious packages, vehicles or luggage being checked, and directly to the inside of the inspected items. The endoscope can also observe the interior of the locked room through holes in the door, ceiling and walls. This enables tactical action teams to collect more data, monitor internal environment, and avoid personal injury caused by forced breakthroughs. They can also be searched by customs officers at border crossings and airports for prohibited items. The probe directly extends into the inner part of the gas tank, the bottom of the vehicle and the inner door panels, the packages in boxes, and so on, without needing to split anything. Video endoscopes can record and save the observed pictures and videos, which saves time and does not destroy the items being inspected.

They can also be used for search and rescue to find victims trapped in ruins. It can also be used for inspection of guns, weapons and equipment, as well as transport vehicles, including aircraft, tanks, ships and helicopters. In the face of some risks and special situations, the police and the army can use endoscope reasonably, which can improve safety, save time and energy. Include the following:

L is unable to enter the forbidden area for tactical inspection and risk monitoring.

L check firearms

L non destructive inspection of vehicles, luggage and parcels

L search for victims of disasters or emergencies in areas

L improve the safety of EOD inspection.

Shenzhen's auntai independent R & D integrated handheld Industrial endoscope COANTEC P50 is lightweight, compact and powerful, designed for your rapid deployment. 360 degree omni-directional electric remote control, 450 thousand HD camera, digital processing of images, collecting evidence and creating reports, to provide you with a complete solution. It can finish your inspection work quickly and effectively.

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