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The important application of the ancient Antai industrial endoscope in the construction industry

2017-03-14 9:31:17 Clicks: 7886 Source: Ancient Antai industrial endoscope

Gu Antai Industrial endoscope Application in construction industry

 The important application of the ancient Antai industrial endoscope in the construction industry

Application of building engineering endoscope

The ancient Antai industrial endoscope has the advantages of small diameter, replaceable pipeline, and one machine with multiple functions. It is also the first time to develop millions of high-definition pixels in photography. At present, we are constantly innovating and creating a first-class national industrial endoscope brand. Next we will analyze the important role of Gu Antai Industrial endoscope in the construction industry. At present, the detection of industrial endoscopy plays an important role in related fields. At the same time, it plays an important role in the detection of production processes of related equipment in construction projects.

For example, in the construction process, because of the need for steel bars and other equipment, welding requires sufficient production technology, and plays a very important role in modern industrial life, such as hull, bridge, aircraft wing and so on. In welding production, due to improper structure design, raw materials do not meet the requirements and other reasons, weld defects are produced. Such as stoma, non fusion, undercut and so on. The existence of defects will not only seriously affect the quality of products, use performance and life, but also endanger people's lives and property safety. For example, we are familiar with the collapse of building structures and so on.

Therefore, welding quality monitoring is very important. The emergence of industrial endoscope can help solve this problem. Through it, it can detect defects in welding. It can record and take photos while watching. After receiving the computer, it can analyze the cause, position and state of the defects, and solve the problems in time. Therefore, industrial endoscope is an indispensable testing tool in the quality production process of building engineering.

Its effect is excellent. Inspect holes, walls, doors and windows, joints and water pipes. Central air conditioning, TV and network cable installation and testing, combined with pipe endoscope, surface magnification check electron microscope, endoscope used variants, suitable for electronic circuit chip and skin pore observation and inspection. Through the replacement operation of various pipelines, it can adapt to different usage environment, plus light adjustment and megapixel, which can realize visual inspection in the process of detection, and ensure that the actual image that human eye sees can be restored truthfully. It is very convenient, simple and convenient.

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