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Application of Gu An Tai endoscope in special inspection industry

2017-03-15 10:17:09 Clicks: 7456 Source: Ancient Antai industrial endoscope

"Special equipment" It has wide application in all walks of life. And play a larger role. Specifically refers to life, safety, danger of pressure, manned and lifting equipment or facilities. The scope includes eight types of boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders), pressure pipes, elevators, cranes, passenger ropeways, large amusement facilities, and motor vehicles in field (factory). Special equipment is mainly divided into two categories: pressure bearing special equipment and mechanical and electrical special equipment. Boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders) and pressure pipes are special equipment for pressure bearing. Motor vehicles such as elevators, lifting appliances, passenger ropeways, large amusement facilities and field (factories) are special mechanical and electrical equipment. Common special equipment generally has wide operating space and more dangerous factors. For this reason, the safety inspection of special equipment is particularly important in production activities.

With the development of economy and society, regional test barriers will be broken, and inspection enterprises with higher and more sophisticated inspection capabilities will break through regional restrictions and participate in competition.   Gu Antai industrial endoscope in In the special inspection industry, there are more tests for power plant boilers and pressure vessels, mainly detecting the three parts of the boiler water wall tube, header and turbogenerator rotor center hole. At the same time, there is no need to disassemble the inspection equipment in the detection process, so it is a very cost-effective detection solution.

Using ancient Aetna special purpose Industrial endoscope Testing the special inspection industry:

1, we can see the accurate results intuitively, avoid problems and eliminate hidden dangers.

2, you can record problems at any time, so as to facilitate future browsing.

3. to reduce the amount of work, it was originally necessary to be replaced by open mode.

4, cost saving. These costs include labor cost, time cost, material cost and so on.

 Application of Gu An Tai endoscope in special inspection industry

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 Application of Gu An Tai endoscope in special inspection industry

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