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Application of industrial endoscope in railway vehicle maintenance

2016-06-15 14:07:25 Clicks: 8764 Source: Ancient Antai industrial endoscope

Application of industrial endoscope in railway vehicle inspection and maintenance

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The railway industry is developing faster and faster as the market changes. At the same time, the railway industry has put forward higher requirements for the quality and efficiency of railway vehicle maintenance and repair. Therefore, according to the actual situation of vehicle maintenance in railway market, our Ministry of Railways has reformed the railway vehicle maintenance system in China, extended the cycle of factory repair and repair, and shortened the time of vehicle maintenance. Therefore, how to maximize the efficiency of maintenance work under the premise of ensuring the quality of railway vehicle maintenance? It has become the concern of many railway vehicle maintenance workers. This article introduces a new type of railway vehicle maintenance and testing tool and its application in railway vehicle maintenance.

Application of industrial endoscope in vehicle maintenance and detection

The biggest difference between industrial endoscopy detection and other non-destructive testing methods is that it can directly reflect the inside and outside surface of the detected object, and does not need to compare the data or detect the skill and experience of the inspector to determine the existence or absence of the defect. At the same time, we can use the industrial endoscope device to record the whole process of video recording or photographic recording, and we can make quantitative analysis of the detected defects and measure the length and area of the defects.

In general, the application of industrial endoscopy in the railway industry is very extensive. It involves different fields such as the development, manufacture, maintenance and repair of railway engineering vehicles and transport vehicles, and even in the railway infrastructure construction, such as the construction and maintenance of bridges and tunnels. Industrial endoscope Application. In the overhaul of railway vehicles, the main applications of endoscope include gear box, hollow horizontal axle, motor, bogie side frame, bolster and shock absorber spring, air conditioning system check and so on.

Gear box inspection

With the use and operation of locomotives, it is inevitable that gear wear and improper occlusion will occur in traction gear boxes. Serious cases may even lead to the scrapping and derailment of gearboxes. Using the industrial endoscope detection method, using the flexural guiding inserting tube, through the gear inlet of the gear box to enter the gear box, check the gear condition and whether there is foreign matter at the bottom of the gear box. Such a way of inspection can be very intuitive to show the situation inside the gear box, and through the image recording function of the industrial endoscope, we can record the checked situation and make the remote diagnosis realized.

Inspection of traction motor

The traction motor is usually installed on the bottom of the locomotive. It not only starts frequent parking, but also vibrate in operation and has small installation space. It also suffers from wind, sand, rain, snow and dust attacks. The conditions are very bad, so it is easy to fail. Generally speaking, motor faults are mainly caused by motor ring fire (motor oil inlet or defective brush breakage), insulation failure, bearing wear, winding line or lead off line, brush line connection fracture. During the repair, we need to completely dismantle the decomposed motor to complete the inspection. But after using the industrial endoscope, we can insert the industrial endoscope through the maintenance window or cooling hole to check the oil contamination, carbon deposition, bearing and lead condition inside the motor.

Hollow shaft inspection

With the popularization and application of electrified high-speed trains, the application of wheelset hollow shaft has also become very extensive. The detection of hollow shaft usually uses ultrasonic flaw detection equipment to carry out whole shaft flaw detection. It is found that there are corrosion, rust, wear and other dangerous parts that are suspected to be damaged. The industrial internal endoscope is used to detect the internal parts of the hollow shaft, and the suspicious parts of the injury are examined carefully, because of the observation of industrial endoscope. Amplification effect, the staff can even use the random application soft machine of the industrial endoscope equipment, complete the picture record at the testing site, check the defects in the studio through the computer, establish the test file backup, measure the defects again, make the detection work more accurate, and make the tracking recheck comparison become a reality.

Carbon deposition test for internal combustion engine

Diesel engines of diesel locomotives, if there is carbon deposition on the exhaust valve, will cause the effective power of the internal combustion engine to decrease and consume fuel. Now the industrial video endoscope can be inserted into the cylinder through the spark plug to carry out the internal inspection of the engine.

Other inspection

In addition to some of the above inspection applications, industrial video endoscopes have also been applied to many inspections. For example, the inspection of air conditioning and ventilation systems, maintenance of locomotive diesel internal combustion gearboxes, inspection of urban rail vehicle door systems, railway infrastructure projects such as tunnels, construction quality inspection and aging inspection of bridges.

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