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Application of endoscope in aircraft detection

2016-07-08 10:26:31 Clicks: 8902 Source: Ancient Antai industrial endoscope

Application of endoscope in aircraft detection

  I believe not to mention the importance of aircraft safety. , We should know something about it. Every time before take-off, we need careful inspection and test to ensure that the flight is really safe. Pipe endoscopes and straight rod endoscopes have made a great contribution. At present, endoscopy technology is very mature in China and plays an important role in the field of aviation and aerospace.

Now we will introduce the endoscope that is often used in aircraft detection. In general, we usually use the tube endoscope and the straight rod endoscope. Industrial endoscope Inspection is the naked eye can not directly approach the gold area, belongs to the NDT industry visual inspection method, and can not do mechanical parts dismantling.

Mainly used for checking aircraft engines. The work chamber, weld surface, pipe surface, aircraft blades, turbine, combustion chamber and other components. ; as well as Engine cylinder, fuel pipe, oil pressure parts, nozzle components It is an indispensable testing tool in its quality control and maintenance inspection.

Both industrial inspection and maintenance are required for industrial endoscopy. According to statistics of maintenance data, about 90% The non routine replacement of the engine is directly related to the results of endoscopy. As the only way of checking the internal condition of aircraft maintenance without decomposing the engine. .

    Industrial endoscope Inspection is of great significance and value for two aspects of safety and efficiency. :

First, it is intuitive, accurate and simple, and it can detect the damage of the internal parts of the engine as soon as possible. It is very helpful to exclude the hidden danger in the bud stage. ;

Two: endoscopy avoids the cost of decomposing engine and corresponding engine replacement, transportation and unnecessary aircraft outage, and saves maintenance costs.

At present, the domestic industrial endoscope used for aircraft maintenance and inspection is basically imported. Facing the increasingly expensive international form and imported equipment, the imported equipment is willing to consider the following aspects: after-sale service, information confidentiality, equipment spare parts supply cycle and equipment cost. The localization and localization of endoscope is imperative and a practical testing equipment for aero-engine will be made.


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